Do You Have One Hour to Look and Feel 10 Pounds Thinner?

Did you know that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra? By wearing the right size bra you appear slimmer and younger, clothes will fit properly, and you will improve your posture and help prevent back pain. You will also improve your overall appearance and self esteem.

At Fabulous Foundations by Nancy, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. A professionally trained fitter will work with you one on one to insure that your bra selection gives you comfort, fit, and lift. By offering mainly European manufacturers, we are able to fit everyone of every shape and size because we carry band sizes 28-50 and cups A-N.

So if you would like to look 10 pounds thinner and be comfortable in your bra, come in and see us at Fabulous Foundations, where fit comes first!