Why designer undergarments?


I forgot where I read this authors article regarding her view of designer undergarments for ladies, most probably a fashion magazine–one of the many I’m guilty of reading, or maybe it was another blog. In the interest of time I picked out just two of her observations to comment on.

In the article she states the advantages of wearing designer underwear for ladies is that its more comfortable and holds up much better in clothes washing machines.

She also noted that most “fashion conscious” people like displaying (designer labels) and brands on the outside of their clothing not on the inside.

To her first point. With generic brands manufactures don’t pay attention to fit and quality because their not getting paid to. I can tell you another thing, with a good quality designer brand bra you’ll feel better, look slimmer because these undergarments are simply much better made!

To her second point. When it comes to purchasing under garments, for the person who is brand conscious it comes down to quality, durability and fit. Let’s explore this a little more though… designer brands cost more of course but this allows the manufacturer to use high quality cotton, luxurious silks and high quality dyes or inks that don’t fade after the first wash. I know from experience, Fabulous Foundation clients purchase from us because we stock the best of designer brands and we know what the hottest fashions are.

Sort of on a side note but related, flashing back to a conversation I just had with a male friend of mine, regarding a pair of IBex underwear he purchased. My friend said to me “wow, this stuff is expense”, and yes for what he paid he probably could have bought a pair of designer jeans and a shirt or sweater to go with it. But when I asked him what was the purpose of his purchase, he said that these garments keep him warm and have a reputation of being very durable as they are made well. He went on to say he could have purchased generic brands for a fifth of the cost but didn’t.

One last thing about not being able to show off your designer undergarments, ladies put on your thinking caps… what man wouldn’t mind looking at you slipping into your work or casual clothes wearing Le Mystere, Elomi, or Fantasie really? I know for most of us we just feel better wearing it, and I sure know we look better!