Custom fittings- what you should know

What You Should Know About Our Return Policy

Fabulous Foundation by Nancy is dedicated to providing outstanding custom fittings to be sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.  “We strive to keep our merchandise clean and fresh to ensure every woman walks out with not only the perfect fit, but also quality intimate apparel that will stand the test of time.” –Owner, Nancy Espindola

When you come in for a fitting, you can rest assured your apparel is in perfect condition.  Before we stock our racks, we take the time to inspect each and every bra and panty.  We look for any imperfections such as stains, stitching issues, water marks or any other defects.  Because once we receive the garments, we only have seven days to ship it back for credit. 

Nancy Espindola encourages her staff to spend time with each customer to be sure she makes the right choice before leaving the boutique. As a small business owner it’s important to Nancy to help you make the right choice.  Please understand that our return policy is in place for the satisfaction of our customers.

“We don’t practice high pressure sales, we are not pushy or try to get you to buy 3-4 of the same bras.  We suggest you just try one for now and wear it around because it’s like a new shoe, you’re not used to it.  You might not like it.”–Nancy

Fabulous Foundations return policy relies on the honesty and cooperation of our customers as well.  After your fitting we re-inspect our bras to check for odor, blood stains, dry skin or any other sanitary issues. If we find a defect then we become responsible for the cost of that item. And as a small business, we cannot afford to throw away inventory.

Please be sure to read the return policy posted in each fitting room.  If you choose to wear your bra out of the store, the sale is FINAL.  Please understand this is now a used undergarment!

Here’s a helpful list to look over before you come in for a custom fitting:

  1. Try it on with your shirt (tank or tee)
  2. Ask any questions you may have
  3. Try on each color because as it may vary in fit
  4. Let us help you adjust it before you make your purchase
  5. Bring in your garments or special occasion wear to be sure we find the proper fit
  6. Please don’t come in after a spray tan. Be sure your skin is clean.
  7. If you have had surgery be sure that you are healed.
  8. Please leave underwear on when trying on panties
  9. All Panties are final sale. 

We understand that Walmart and Kohl’s allow almost any return, but we offer you a customized service that they don’t provide in store.  We carry a wide variety of styles to be sure we put you in your best bra and fit-but it’s ultimately your decision to make the purchase. 

How do you feel about purchasing an undergarment that has been returned by a customer after seven days?  Would a discount be reason enough for you to sacrifice cleanliness for savings?  In an effort to continue providing sanitary premium intimate apparel, we asked our customers how they felt about wearing a bra that has been returned.  Click here & read what our fans have to say