Fabulous Foundations: November Customer of the Month

By: Jenny Lee Paiva

Fabulous Foundations is proud to introduce one of our favorite, loyal customers, Katie Vear.  Katie has a unique story that proves the power of a proper fitting and the importance of friendly, comfortable customer service during your bra shopping experience.

Katie is a very dedicated customer.  She takes a two hour drive from Worcester just to come shop at Fabulous Foundations!  In fact, she has become more of a friend to Nancy and the Fabulous Foundations staff throughout the last five years. 

Katie first discovered our boutique back in 2009 when she was attending college nearby at UMass Dartmouth. “It’s the first place that carried pretty bras for bigger sizes, and I just wanted a pretty lace bra, “she said.  After Katie had her first proper fitting and realized that there’s indeed an intimate apparel shop stocked with pretty bras and panties for every shape and size, she was hooked.  Literally.

She admits, “There was something special about the comfortable personalized customer service.”  That’s why when it came time for Katie to begin planning her wedding day, she knew exactly where she could find the proper fitting undergarments.


Katie took her wedding gown shopping seriously.  She even launched a UMass Dartmouth campus campaign inspired by TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” TV series.  The reality show offers a behind the scenes peek into one of the world’s most premier wedding dress shops, Kleinfeld Bridal, highlighting the inner workings of the bridal shop and staff.  Just like our Fabulous Foundations staff, they go above and beyond to help each bride feel like a princess on her wedding day.   

There’s a lot more that goes into a dress fitting than just sizing.  Women are complex and diverse.  We know what we want and we’re our own worst critics.  All bridal boutique staffers have to (and should) work extra hard to provide service ensuring every bride is satisfied—no matter her shape or size.

And that’s exactly the kind of inspirational message that Katie wanted to pass on with her UMass wedding dress initiative. She needed donations to help her along on her mission, and Nancy happily donated intimate apparel to her campaign. 

“When you feel pretty underneath, you feel confident too”—Katie Vear

So it’s no surprise that in July 2012, when it came time for Katie’s big day, she walked in with her beautiful wedding gown and let the ladies at Fabulous Foundations find the perfect fitting undergarments.  She still giggles at the memory of that day right before she walked out with her perfect wedding day essentials.

She recalls when Nancy walked her to the door and said with a smile, “I’ll see you again for your nursing bras!”

Sure enough, Katie took the two hour drive back to Fabulous Foundation this past October, 2014, 35 weeks pregnant with her first bundle of joy, and purchased three quality nursing bras. “I’m not going to special order nursing bras, it’s worth the trip to me.”

Katie Vear is one fabulous testimony proving the rewards of the care that we put into a proper fitting and shopping experience.  From our private, comfortable fitting rooms, to our clean and neat displays, we want your shopping experience to be just as memorable as Katie’s. 

Every customer who walks out of Fabulous Foundations should feel just as beautiful and confident as she deserves. Stop in today and let us help you look and feel ten pounds thinner in just one hour!

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