How Our Intimate Apparel Helped Real Women Reveal Their Raw Beauty

Let It Shine Campaign Models shining bright in our fabulous Intimate Apparel & Swimwear!

Let It Shine Campaign Models shining bright in our fabulous Intimate Apparel & Swimwear!

Women…we are wonderfully radiant miraculous individuals. We are beautifully unique in mind, body and soul.   Although we share the same gender-we certainly don’t share the same genes.

Which brings me to the heart of this blog:

We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to loving the skin we’re in.

You know, like when you’re watching an award show on TV and secretly picking yourself apart. Ugh, the dreadful negative self talk. We’ve all been there.

“I’m way too tall to ever wear heels.” “I wish I had perky boobs to wear a plunge cut top.”A mini-dress? Yeah, no! That’s a mini shirt—my booty would literally be popping out everywhere.”

All the body shaming many women resort to can lead to really low self esteem. That’s why we launched out Let It Shine campaign back in April; we set out to prove that ALL women are beautiful.  Whether you are tall and lean, short and heavy-set, big busted or smaller chested-YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Fabulous Foundations has continued to arm woman with the knowledge needed to build confidence.  Our premium Intimate Apparel & Swimwear Collections will help women look and feel ten pounds thinner—in less than an hour!

Instead of wishing for a new body: How about just accepting and accenting your own unique body shape?

That’s exactly what our Let It Shine models Darlene Pruitt (Dee) and Betsy Sylvia proved possible after their professional photo-shoot at our chic boutique in Dartmouth, MA. Both women signed up to be models for our mission, agreeing to be photographed just as they are—no Photoshop or editing—just their raw and natural photographs to be showcased in our store flyers for sharing our mission via marketing materials.

We asked both brave models how they felt pre-photo shoot, and before and after a professional fitting for their customized intimate apparel ensembles. Here are two local women who prove how the power of positive body image can shine bright despite fear and insecurities.

Beautiful Betsy Sylvia: 


Fabulously Flaunting: Freya Deco Shaper & Control Top Panty

Age: 29

Bra Size: 36C

Dress Size: 14

Pant Size: 14

Before Shoot Thoughts: “ I am nervous and excited about this. I don’t always like the way I look.”

After Shoot Thoughts: “Seeing all the woman feeling so confident was amazing! We all looked even more beautiful with our hair and makeup done. I felt SO GOOD during the shoot. Today was an extra confidence boost-especially with the warmer weather coming soon. Thanks to all the gorgeous women involved today!”

Darling Dee Pruitt:

Darlene_002_800px (1)

Fabulously Flaunting: Smoothing Shapewear Slip & Anita Malia Forest Bra

Age: 45

Bra Size: 36C

Dress Size: 8-10

Pant Size: 10

Before Shoot Thoughts: “I don’t feel comfortable with my body.” I’m feeling fear and anxiety.”

After Shoot Thoughts: “I feel powerful, beautiful, positive, unique, fearless, comfortable, accepting, and AWESOME!”


Let Fabulous Foundations Help You Look & Confident To Shine Bright!