Meet The Fabulous Foundations Staff



I’ve been friends with Nancy since we were three years old. I’ve been a loyal customer at Fabulous Foundations since 2010, when I discovered how much more confidence my properly fitting intimate apparel made me look and feel as a woman. “It truly changed my life!”

Nancy and I share a lot of history together and naturally I was happy to become a Fabulous Foundations team member.

I am a former YMCA Aqua Aerobics Instructor.  I feel I understand the importance of creating an empowering shopping experience for all who enter our doors.

“I would like to be the one to show other women how confident and comfortable they can be.”

I look forward to making a difference as a Fabulous Foundations employee and creating more memories that will last a lifetime!



I’ve been working here at Fabulous Foundations since they opened.

I like helping people so it was great when Nancy called and asked if I would like to work with her.

My favorite part of the job is seeing how customers react to a perfect fitting bra and leave happy.

My best memory is when we made a TV commercial… that was a lot of fun.




I’ve been working here at Fabulous Foundations since they opened.

I met Nancy at a birthday party that is when she asked me to come to work at Fabulous.

My favorite part of the job is the daily interaction with family and customers. This is a great place to be and especially to work at.

My best memory is not just one, its whenever I see the look on someones face when they say “Oh my God” I didn’t know I could look like this!! Priceless…